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Finally The Perfect Vest

Better Fit, Better Craftsmanship, Better Materials... Made in America
Finally The Perfect Vest

Against the current

Japanese Milled Fleece

We make our vests here in America. But once we felt the years of care and refinement that went into our Japanese milled polyester fleece, we knew it was the only lining we could use because it is perfect.
Japanese Milled Fleece
Perfectly Tailored to the Next Level

Perfectly Tailored to the Next Level

Our Forever Cinch bottom lining will ensure that you keep the heat in while making sure you look perfect. Easily pull this draw string for the perfect look and feel every time.

Made in America


Our Chicago textile shop has been family owned and producing amazing garments since 1919.


You cannot make the best without the best. Everyone that touches our vest has been making clothes for over 20 years.

Quality Materials

We believe the sum is always greater than the parts. And when you start with only the best parts the final product is nothing short of amazing!